At Legia, we believe the strength of the team lies in the individual, and the strength of the individual is in the team…
this is a true win win, win win, strategy.

We believe that strength does not come from winning but from overcoming difficulties and deciding not to give up - this is strength.

With our outstanding certified swimming coaches (some featured below) boosting the self-esteem of our swimmers, we watch as these young people begin to believe in themselves and accomplish amazing things.


Legia Swimming School is part of Legia Warsaw Swimming Academy.Our goal is to introduce children to the world of serious swimming through play and games.

The swimming school caters to children from 3 months-5 year olds (our Sea Horses) to 5-7 year olds (our Shrimps), 7-9 year olds (our Pikes) and 9-12 year olds (our Sharks!).Classes take place on a weekly basis and are led by highly qualified and experienced trainers.Activities are fun and creative but the goals we set and training techniques we use are extremely professional.

We have specially designed training programs which cater to even the youngest of our students.We make sure our classes are small in size (max. 8) and take place in well-equipped swimming pools in Warsaw.All these elements combine to make a child’s early experience with swimming a truly exceptional one.

Joining Legia Swimming School provides a unique chance to improve swimming skills under the guidance of some real stars.Patrons of the School include Pawel Korzeniowski (swimming World Champion) and Lukasz Drzewinski (Olympic swimmers and previously on the national team).


In 2011 the Legia Swimming School became certified by the Polish Swimming Association.Our competitive swimmers (currently 180 in number) are grouped into Juniors and Seniors and an ever-increasing number of them are focusing on developing professional swimming careers.

The club’s main objective is to promote swimming amongst the youthof Warsaw and to open the doorway for our more able swimmers to compete at international and national levels.

Training sessions typically take place at Warsaw Medical University’s new swimming pool complex at 2c Trojdena Street.Some of our Legia swimmers are members of the Mazowieckie regional swimming team and regularly return from national competitions with cups and medals.

One Legia swimmer is on the Polish Olympic National team and has recently competed in the 2016 European Championships in London.